In a small business it is often difficult to “see the wood for the trees”.  Trying to balance the needs of family, customers, suppliers and staff can be very busy and stressful.  Not to mention making sure that tax liabilities are settled on time.  Sometimes it is easy to ignore the early signs of financial problems, however, seeking turnaround advice as soon as possible can significantly increase the prospects of survival and help the business avoid a crisis.

We will work alongside you, and your existing advisers, to understand the issues and formulate a plan.  We will work with you to gain the support of lenders, landlords, customers, suppliers and HMRC.

Our solutions may include:

  • Negotiating time to pay arrangements or even debt forgiveness agreements with creditors, helping you to deal with creditor pressure
  • Disposal of under-performing or unnecessary business assets
  • Identifying new or more appropriate funding to ensure the long-term survival of the business
  • Working out if part of the business should be closed or sold to enable the rest of it to flourish
  • Formal insolvency solutions for all or part of your business to allow you to continue doing what you do best.


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