Whether it is demands for payment, threats of County Court Judgements or even a Winding Up Petition, creditor pressure can very quickly damage a business.  It is stressful when the formal paperwork arrives and takes you away from doing what you do best.

Creditors are those people that your business owes money to.  Usually that includes:

  • Trade creditors and suppliers
  • HMRC
  • Banks and other finance providers
  • Landlords

We work with you to decide how best to deal with creditor pressure and ensure the future survival of your business.

When a creditor starts to take legal action to recover their debt it is important that you act quickly.  Legal remedies work to tight timescales.  14 days can pass very quickly when you are struggling to manage your cashflow.  It is important that you take advice as soon as possible.

Creditor pressure from suppliers

Creditor pressure usually has two causes:

  1. A dispute over the amount due
  2. An underlying cashflow problem

We can help you resolve both.  Whatever the cause the sooner you take advice the more options there will be to resolve the problem.

A difficulty paying suppliers can signal a very real threat to your business and your ability to continue trading.  Sometimes the problem is one that has been building for a while and sometimes it comes on suddenly, usually due to an unexpected reason, such as the loss of a major contract or a significant bad debt.  Whatever the cause, we can help if you are suffering from creditor pressure.

These range from arranging viable repayment plans through to defending and holding off more serious recovery action such as Bailiffs and Winding Up Proceedings or Bankruptcy Petitions.

HM Revenue and Customs

HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) can be very persistent in seeking to collect debts from businesses.  If you or your business is under threat of recovery action by HMRC or you are experiencing difficulty in paying you must address it quickly.  Contact us NOW.

Banks and other lenders

Problems can occur if you do not keep to the lending agreement or if a funder or finance provider perceives that your business is unable to repay its debt. It can be that they have become aware of other creditor recovery action.

If the lender understands that you are taking professional advice and steps to improve your situation they will often allow some breathing space.  We can negotiate with them for you.

Often when banks and other lenders have lent money to your business they will require you to give a “personal guarantee” i.e. they will have asked you to agree to them taking security over your home or other personal assets.  In considering the approach that should be taken to your lenders we will also consider your personal situation.  Once you have given a personal guarantee you are bound by it.  Should your business fail it could also lead to your personal insolvency.


If you are struggling to pay the rent when it is due to a landlord it can be a very serious threat to your business.  In addition to the ability to recover debts in the same way as other creditors, landlords have additional rights contained in lease or rental agreements and there are additional rights given to them by law.

We can help you by negotiating with your landlord, with a focus on preserving the relationship, to allow a business to continue in order to deal with rent arrears.  Our team understands the importance of constructive discussions and can take the emotion and stress out of the situations for you.